The Hunter / The Dart

Le Avion Mirage

The Hunter is a great plane, it has an acceptable level of stability. It can fly reasonably quickly, and can travel over long distances, this plane can fly nice and quick for about 10-15 metres. It flies smoothly and beautifully, and is reasonably reliable. It is simple and accurate plane, an excellent choice for an interceptor if you’re playing the paper aeroplane war game!Take a sheet of paper A4 8 X 12in (21 x 30cm), and follow the instructions described below step by step Paper Folding Origami HunterThis avion model ‘The Hunter’, also is known by another name ‘The Dart’. The Dart is very easy to fold. It flies easily and gently lands. This paper airplane requires no prior preparation for doing so and will entertain young and old alike. After trying numerous avions models, declare the model ‘DART’ as winning absoltuto among all aircraft due to its extraordinary characteristics: are ease of implementation (feasible by a 6-year-old boy), the ability to fly indoors and outdoors. Then through animated step-by-step instructions will teach them to build the model ed DART

Le DartAvion en Papier

Folding Instructions:

To fold the Paper Avion “The Dart” you should follow step to step the following sequence.
avion en papier mirage
  • On the Left side of the paper leaf appears before folding and on the right side of the leaf after folding it.
  • The central image indicates you like you have to fold the leaf, after The folding you should click the button ‘Next’ to see the next step.
  • You have to repeat these steps until you finish folding the Aircraft.
  • With the button ‘Back’ you will return to the previous step.
  • The button ‘Start’ takes you to the step 1 and the button ‘End’ takes you to the last step.


How to Fly the paper plane The Hunter/Dart

  • For greater distance, point the plane at an angle of 45 degrees upward.
  • If you want to hit a target at a short distance and accuracy, locate the plane at eye level and throw horizontally
  • For anything else, throw the plane as hard as you can in any direction.



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Category: The Hunters
Category: The Hunters
The Hunter / The Dart
The Hunter / The Dart
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Emanuel – [Philippines – Quezon]
This is the paper airplane i ever made when i did not know this website
Illidan – [Iran – Kermanshah]
Please send planes that can fly much powerful.
Shoeb – [Indiamumbai – ]
In india even a small kid knows how to make this plane!
Me – [Lt – Mzk]
Omg it flies so far and fast and straight!!!!
Jordan castro – [United states – Berryville]
It’s just a traditional dart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moeez – [Algeria – Algiers]
The hunter is the best!!! i flies really well. my little brother loves it!!!
Superboy – [India – Ahmedabad]
Hey guys,if you add winglets to this plane it would perform well than the normal.
Superboy – [India – Ahmedabad]
Press the the wings and don’t leave it and then throw the plane it’ll fly a greater distance!
Superboy – [India – ]
It’s such a cool plane and easy to make also!u should send more long range planes like this one.
Darren – [Australia – Sydney]
I have never flew such wonderful planes like this one. one of the best sites i have ever been on. please show us more boats and gliders. they are the best
David – [Usa – Damascus]
I dont no how to do any of ur planes but this 1 :( i s*** at making!!! make a youtube video where u do with ur hand ok so i get it
Pamela – [Pakistan – Islamabad]
I have never seen such complex and beautiful paper airplanes in my life. i want to be an origami professional when i grow up just like the people who made these origami planes.
Anastasia – [Cyprus – Gazima─čusa]
One of the best origami sites on the internet. excellent animations – easy to follow. lots of inspiration for teaching an paper airplane course to adults with mental health problems.
Oscar – [United states – Washington]
I like your page origami-kids, please more paper-boats

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