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Paper CatamaranOrigami Catamaran by Maarten van Gelder Designer: Maarten van Gelder Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids The Origami Catamaran is a fun decorative origami design and really floats! Here are my Video Stop Motion instructions on how to fold your very own origami Catamaran. Complexity: Easy. Time to fold 15 min. 15 steps. Folded from a one Square origami white paper, about 20 cm x 20 cm.The Paper Catamaran is a fun craft for older grade school children to make for a number of themes. Yes, the Catamarans will really float, but as the paper gets saturated with water, it will sink and be ruined. This can actually start a neat discussion about what made the ship float to begin with and then what made it sink.Origami-CatamaranThis boat is the coolest boat ever, it is quite hard to fold so you need to to have patience but it worth the trouble because the result will be a awesome ship.If you need, the Diagram you can download free Here!
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How to flod the Paper Boat: The Catamaran.

origami  The Catamaran To fold the Boat you should follow step to step the following sequence.
1.- On the Left side of the paper leaf appears before folding and on the right side of the leaf after folding it. 2.- The central image indicates you like you have to fold the leaf, after The folding you should click the button ‘Next’ to see the next step. 3.- You have to repeat these steps until you finish folding the Boat. 4.- With the button ‘Back’ you will return to the previous step. 5.- The button ‘Start’ takes you to the step 1 and the button ‘End’ takes you to the last step.
 The Catamaran
Paper Boat




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If you have any doubt or suggestion Make it Here ! How to fold the paper boat The Catamaran . Tips and folding techniques .

Kyna – [Canada – Gatineau]
It’s very very easy in level 7
Jj – [United states – Raleigh]
To hard for beginners i couldn’t get past the 4 level :(
Andres – [Caracas – Venezuela]
Thanx, very amusing. the hardest part is that of the sail itself but the rest is very easy to do. :d
Aleksa – [Serbia – Beograd]
Did i need paper with same sides?
Magda – [Polska – Aleksandrów]
Can that swim in water?
Risdeeka – [Srilanka – Puttalam]
9th and 10th step is bit hart. it is better to devide these into few more steps. otherwise it is very good
Raif – [Maldives – Addu city]
It was soo cool hehehehehe:p
Justin bieber – [Usa – Los angeles]
It°s great & easy!!!! :-))
G man – [Nonhow – Sd]
Tell how to make all the origami
Victoria – [Argentina – Buenos aires]
This is great, so amusing!
Diane – [Usa – Mission viejo]
Mine has proportions all wrong. what is aspect ratio of paper…rectangle, square??? what dimensions work best?
John – [Canada – Winnipeg]
Can’t get past step 9. i have no idea what it is doing.
Justgaddar – [Türkey – Izmir]
I’m türkish very good very well thanks no speak englis sorry:-)
Adem – [Türkiye – Izmir]
Thanks very good i’m türkisk very well thanks
James and the giant peach – [Usa – Nun ya]
How do u change the page
Cynthia f pruitt – [Usa – Mobile al]
This is a “bear” i can’t get past step 6 i’m just a rookie at paper folding but i can’t get this one very frustrating
Jessfoldsamess – [United states – Washington]
Can’t get past step 6, when the boat starts looking like a boat. definately not for us beginners :(
Victor (webmaster) – [Venezuela – Valencia]
It’s stop motion video, i take fotos and played it fast. i used camera sony dsc-h7 + macromedia flash 8
Supermanwillneverdie – [United states – Washington] –
Which programm have they used? a 3d software?
Peterpw – [United states – Washington]
Oh my god i can’t keep up!!!!

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